class euporie.notebook.tabs.display.Dimension(min: int | None = None, max: int | None = None, weight: int | None = None, preferred: int | None = None)

Specified dimension (width/height) of a user control or window.

The layout engine tries to honor the preferred size. If that is not possible, because the terminal is larger or smaller, it tries to keep in between min and max.

  • min – Minimum size.

  • max – Maximum size.

  • weight – For a VSplit/HSplit, the actual size will be determined by taking the proportion of weights from all the children. E.g. When there are two children, one with a weight of 1, and the other with a weight of 2, the second will always be twice as big as the first, if the min/max values allow it.

  • preferred – Preferred size.