Initiate logging for euporie.core.



Add a command to the centralized command system.


Get the current active (running) Application.


Enable when this buffer has the focus.

parse_path(path[, resolve])

Parse and resolve a path.



Turn any callable into a Filter.

Dimension([min, max, weight, preferred])

Specified dimension (width/height) of a user control or window.

FormattedTextArea(formatted_text, *args[, ...])

Apply formatted text to a TextArea.

HSplit(children[, window_too_small, align, ...])

Several layouts, one stacked above/under the other.

LogView(app[, path])

A tab which allows you to view log entries.

MarginContainer(margin, target)

A container which renders a stand-alone margin.

QueueHandler(*args, queue[, style])

This handler store logs events into a queue.

ScrollbarMargin([display_arrows, ...])

Margin displaying a scrollbar.

SearchToolbar([search_buffer, vi_mode, ...])

param vi_mode:

Display '/' and '?' instead of I-search.

Tab(app[, path])

Base class for interface tabs.

VSplit(children[, window_too_small, align, ...])

Several layouts, one stacked left/right of the other.

class euporie.notebook.tabs.log.LogView(app: BaseApp, path: Path | None = None)

Bases: Tab

A tab which allows you to view log entries.

add_record(message: FormattedText) None

Add a single new record to the textarea.


message – The formatted log record to add

close(cb: Callable | None = None) None

Remove log queue handler hook on close.

container: AnyContainer
file_extensions: ClassVar[dict[str, None]] = {}
focus() None

Focus the tab (or make it visible).

mime_types: ClassVar[set[str]] = {}
name: str | None = None
reset() None

Reset the state of the tab.

save(path: Path | None = None, cb: Callable | None = None) None

Save the current notebook.

property title: str

Return the title of this tab.

weight: int = 0