Contain a tab for displaying JSON data.


run_in_thread_with_context(func, *args[, daemon])

Run a function in an thread, but make sure it uses the same contextvars.


Dimension([min, max, weight, preferred])

Specified dimension (width/height) of a user control or window.

JsonTab(app[, path])

Tab class for JSON data.

JsonView(data[, title, expanded])

A JSON-view container.

Tab(app[, path])

Base class for interface tabs.

VSplit(children[, window_too_small, align, ...])

Several layouts, one stacked left/right of the other.

class euporie.notebook.tabs.json.JsonTab(app: BaseApp, path: Path | None = None)

Bases: Tab

Tab class for JSON data.

close(cb: Callable | None = None) None

Close a tab with a callback.


cb – A function to call after the tab is closed.

container: AnyContainer
file_extensions: ClassVar[dict[str, None]] = {}
filte_types: ClassVar[set[str]] = {'.json'}
focus() None

Focus the tab (or make it visible).

load_container() AnyContainer

Abcract method for loading the notebook’s main container.

mime_types: ClassVar[set[str]] = {'*json'}
name: str | None = 'JSON Viewer'
reset() None

Reset the state of the tab.

save(path: Path | None = None, cb: Callable | None = None) None

Save the current notebook.

property title: str

Return the tab title.

weight: int = 0