class euporie.core.widgets.forms.BufferControl(buffer: Buffer | None = None, input_processors: list[Processor] | None = None, include_default_input_processors: bool = True, lexer: Lexer | None = None, preview_search: FilterOrBool = False, focusable: FilterOrBool = True, search_buffer_control: None | SearchBufferControl | Callable[[], SearchBufferControl] = None, menu_position: Callable[[], int | None] | None = None, focus_on_click: FilterOrBool = False, key_bindings: KeyBindingsBase | None = None)

Control for visualising the content of a Buffer.

  • buffer – The Buffer object to be displayed.

  • input_processors – A list of Processor objects.

  • include_default_input_processors – When True, include the default processors for highlighting of selection, search and displaying of multiple cursors.

  • lexerLexer instance for syntax highlighting.

  • preview_searchbool or Filter: Show search while typing. When this is True, probably you want to add a HighlightIncrementalSearchProcessor as well. Otherwise only the cursor position will move, but the text won’t be highlighted.

  • focusablebool or Filter: Tell whether this control is focusable.

  • focus_on_click – Focus this buffer when it’s click, but not yet focused.

  • key_bindings – a KeyBindings object.