Define a tree-view widget.


cast(typ, val)

Cast a value to a type.



Turn any callable into a Filter.

ConditionalContainer(content, filter)

Wrapper around any other container that can change the visibility.

FormattedTextControl([text, style, ...])

Control that displays formatted text.

HSplit(children[, window_too_small, align, ...])

Several layouts, one stacked above/under the other.

JsonView(data[, title, expanded])

A JSON-view container.

MouseButton(value[, names, module, ...])

MouseEvent(position, event_type, button, ...)

Mouse event, sent to UIControl.mouse_handler.

MouseEventType(value[, names, module, ...])

VSplit(children[, window_too_small, align, ...])

Several layouts, one stacked left/right of the other.

Window([content, width, height, z_index, ...])

Container that holds a control.

class euporie.core.widgets.tree.JsonView(data: Any, title: str | None = None, expanded: bool = True)

Bases: object

A JSON-view container.

format_title() StyleAndTextTuples

Return the tree node toggle and title.

toggle(mouse_event: MouseEvent) NotImplementedOrNone

Toggle the expansion state.