class euporie.core.widgets.cell.HSplit(children: Sequence[AnyContainer], window_too_small: Container | None = None, align: VerticalAlign = VerticalAlign.JUSTIFY, padding: AnyDimension = 0, padding_char: str | None = None, padding_style: str = '', width: AnyDimension = None, height: AnyDimension = None, z_index: int | None = None, modal: bool = False, key_bindings: KeyBindingsBase | None = None, style: str | Callable[[], str] = '')

Several layouts, one stacked above/under the other.

|                    |
|                    |

By default, this doesn’t display a horizontal line between the children, but if this is something you need, then create a HSplit as follows:

HSplit(children=[ ... ], padding_char='-',
       padding=1, padding_style='#ffff00')
  • children – List of child Container objects.

  • window_too_small – A Container object that is displayed if there is not enough space for all the children. By default, this is a “Window too small” message.

  • alignVerticalAlign value.

  • width – When given, use this width instead of looking at the children.

  • height – When given, use this height instead of looking at the children.

  • z_index – (int or None) When specified, this can be used to bring element in front of floating elements. None means: inherit from parent.

  • style – A style string.

  • modalTrue or False.

  • key_bindingsNone or a KeyBindings object.

  • padding – (Dimension or int), size to be used for the padding.

  • padding_char – Character to be used for filling in the padding.

  • padding_style – Style to applied to the padding.