Define a side-bar.



Add a command to the centralized command system.

add_setting(name, default, help_, description)

Register a new config item.


Update the key-binding registry.



Turn any callable into a Filter.

ConditionalContainer(content, filter)

Wrapper around any other container that can change the visibility.


Container class that dynamically returns any Container.

FormattedTextControl([text, style, ...])

Control that displays formatted text.

HSplit(children[, window_too_small, align, ...])

Several layouts, one stacked above/under the other. ::.

Line([char, width, height, collapse, style])

Draw a horizontal or vertical line.

SideBar(titles, icons, panels)

A side-bar for the notebook application.

SideBarButtons(options, labels, index, ...)

Vertical toggle-buttons with additional styling for the side-bar.

ToggleButton(text, on_click, ...)

A toggleable button widget.

ToggleButtons(options, labels, index, ...)

A widget where an option is selected using mutually exclusive toggle-buttons.

VSplit(children[, window_too_small, align, ...])

Several layouts, one stacked left/right of the other. ::.

Window([content, width, height, z_index, ...])

Container that holds a control.

WindowAlign(value[, names, module, ...])

Alignment of the Window content.


partial(func, *args, **keywords) - new function with partial application of the given arguments and keywords.

class euporie.notebook.widgets.side_bar.SideBar(titles: Sequence[str], icons: Sequence[str], panels: Sequence[AnyContainer])

Bases: object

A side-bar for the notebook application.

toggle_pane() None

Toggle the visibility of the side-bar.

class euporie.notebook.widgets.side_bar.SideBarButtons(options: list[Any], labels: Sequence[AnyFormattedText] | None = None, index: int | None = None, indices: list[int] | None = None, n_values: int | None = None, multiple: FilterOrBool = False, max_count: int | None = None, on_change: Callable[[SelectableWidget], None] | None = None, style: str | Callable[[], str] = 'class:input', border: GridStyle | None =  ▁▁  🮇 │▎ 🮇─┼▎  ▔▔ , disabled: FilterOrBool = False, vertical: FilterOrBool = False)

Bases: euporie.core.widgets.forms.ToggleButtons

Vertical toggle-buttons with additional styling for the side-bar.

get_button_style(index: int) Callable[[], str]

Return the current button style.

property index: int | None

Return the first selected index.

property indices: list[int]

Return a list of the selected indices.

key_bindings() KeyBindingsBase

Return key-bindings for the drop-down widget.

load_container() AnyContainer

Load the widget’s container.

property mask: list[bool]

Get mask of selected options.

mouse_handler(i: int, mouse_event: MouseEvent) NotImplementedOrNone

Handle mouse events.

property style: str

Return the widget’s style.

toggle_item(index: int) None

Toggle the selection status of the option at a given index.

update_buttons(widget: euporie.core.widgets.forms.SelectableWidget | None = None) None

Set the toggle buttons’ selection state when the selected index changes.

property value: Any

Return the selected value.

property values: list[Any]

Return a list of the selected values.