Contain a registry of Comm target classes.


open_comm(comm_container, content, buffers)

Create a new object respsenting a Comm.

open_comm_ipywidgets(comm_container, ...)

Create a new Comm for an ipywidgets widget.


UnimplementedComm(comm_container, comm_id, ...)

Represent a Comm object which is not implemented in euporie.core.

euporie.core.comm.registry.open_comm(comm_container: KernelTab, content: dict[str, Any], buffers: Sequence[bytes]) Comm

Create a new object respsenting a Comm.

The class used to represent the Comm is determined by the “target_class” given in the comm_open message.

  • comm_container – The notebook this comm belongs to

  • content – The content of the comm_open message

  • buffers – A list of binary data buffers sent with the comm_open message


A class representing the comm