class AnyContainer, top: int | None = None, right: int | None = None, bottom: int | None = None, left: int | None = None, width: int | Callable[[], int] | None = None, height: int | Callable[[], int] | None = None, xcursor: bool = False, ycursor: bool = False, attach_to_window: AnyContainer | None = None, hide_when_covering_content: bool = False, allow_cover_cursor: bool = False, z_index: int = 1, transparent: bool = False)

Float for use in a FloatContainer. Except for the content parameter, all other options are optional.

  • contentContainer instance.

  • widthDimension or callable which returns a Dimension.

  • heightDimension or callable which returns a Dimension.

  • left – Distance to the left edge of the FloatContainer.

  • right – Distance to the right edge of the FloatContainer.

  • top – Distance to the top of the FloatContainer.

  • bottom – Distance to the bottom of the FloatContainer.

  • attach_to_window – Attach to the cursor from this window, instead of the current window.

  • hide_when_covering_content – Hide the float when it covers content underneath.

  • allow_cover_cursor – When False, make sure to display the float below the cursor. Not on top of the indicated position.

  • z_index – Z-index position. For a Float, this needs to be at least one. It is relative to the z_index of the parent container.

  • transparentFilter indicating whether this float needs to be drawn transparently.