Euporie is on pypi, so can be installed using pip or pipx.

To install euporie globally, run:

$ pipx install euporie

To install inside a virtualenv, run:

$ pip install euporie

If you want to try the latest and potentially unstable unreleased changes, you can install euporie from git:

$ pipx install git+


Although euporie does not have any compiled components, some of its dependencies may require compilation as part of their build process, depending on the availability of binary wheels. If this is the case, you may need to install the relevant build dependencies for your distribution, such as python-dev and gcc or equivalent.

Try without installing

You can use pipx to try euporie before installing it:

$ pipx run --spec 'euporie[all]' euporie notebook

You can also try euporie online here:

Optional Dependencies

Euporie supports a wide range of rendering methods in order to get your notebooks looking as nice as possible in the terminal. The following section lists the various rendering methods available, and details what needs to be installed for them to be used.


Euporie will attempt to render images in the best possible way it can.


timg is installed as a dependency of euporie and is used to render images as sixels or ansi art. However, euporie will preferentially use an external application if it is installed and is more performant or gives higher quality output.

The following methods will be used if they are available:

Kitty’s Terminal Graphics Protocol

If your terminal supports kitty’s terminal graphics protocol, euporie will use it to render images.

This is supported by kitty, WezTerm, and Konsole.


If supported by your terminal, euporie can show graphical images in cell outputs using the Sixel graphics protocol. This requires one of the following dependencies:

Ansi Art

If all else fails, euporie will fall back to using ansi art to display images.


Euporie can display SVG output by first rasterizing it, for which one of the following is required:

  • Python packages
    • cairosvg

  • External applications


Euporie will attempt to render HTML outputs. This requires one of the following:


mtable will only render HTML tables in cell outputs, so is useful if you are working with dataframes


Euporie will render LaTeX in markdown and cell output using unicode text, using any of the following if they are installed:

  • Python packages
    • pylatexenc

    • ipython

  • External applications
    • dvipng


flatlatex is a dependency of euporie, so will be installed by default


ipython and dvipng are both required to display rendered LaTeX as graphics